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Carnaroli Classico Rice

The Carnaroli Classico Rice is the original variety of the Carnaroli Family.It is recognized as one of the finest rice varieties, in particular for preparing risotto. It also has an outstanding taste, high texture preservation when cooked and balanced organoleptic properties.
Rice has been produced here for centuries and our agricultural techniques are environmentally friendly and ensure the absence of contaminants for the consumer. We are certified as producers of environmental quality and we use no chemical products from when the seed starts to emerge all the way to the final product which has no preservatives or other additives.
Vacuum packed for long lasting quality.

Carnaroli Classico Wholegrain Rice

The brown version of our rice is obtained from the same grains which are processes with a lower mechanical intensity in order to preserve the external fibers.
It is particularly indicated for rice salads, soups or as an excellent companion for ratatouilles.
We suggest to rinse it in order to shorten the cooking time and enhance the flavor.

"Risotti" ready to cook

Do you have little time but do not want to renounce to a great tasting risotto?
This selection of ready to cook risottos are meant for you! Dehidrated genuine ingredients and our rice combined for you to be able to have your great tasting risotto without cooking it. Just add boiling water let it cook for 15 minutes and there you are.
Available with truffles, porcini mushrooms, red chicory (radicchio), leeks, and asparagus.

Olympus rices

Italian rices grown and packaged for us in half a kilo vacuum packaged formats.
Venus Rice (Riso Venere) - Black rice with a small and scented grain. It reminds the flavor of freshly baked seed bread, typical of oriental rices.
Ermes Rice - Indica variety with a typical red-pink color. Particularly indicated for salads or spicy dishes. It favors intestinal regularity and cholesterol control.
Apollo Rice - Italian version of the Basmati rice, particularly sweet and aromatic. Great for fusion receipts.


Top quality rice deserves to quality saffron. Directly from Sardinia we selected this variety for the intensity of its flavor, the persistence of its aroma and the practical dosage of its packaging (grounded and sealed, ready to use, easy to preserve).

Rice and Corn Pasta

Fusilli Penne and Tagliolini made exclusively with rice and corn. Beautiful to see and great tasting. All made with traditional methods and modern technology to bring you the highest quality.

Spelt Tagliolini

Get ready for a new flavor! High texture and a hint of sweet and sour. This was the grain of ancient romans so the suggestion of a taste of the past is inevitable. Ideal for varying your diet without renouncing to pasta. It suits strongly flavored ingredients without excessively dispersing its particular flavor.


From the woods surrounding our farms the treasure of bees. The color will bring you joy and the taste will make you rediscover what genuine means. Available in several flavors: thousand flowers for classical taste lovers. Acacia and Linden for a punch of flavors that will make you feel inside a blossoming flower with a very fluid transparent texture. Chestnut for a hint of bitter, ideal in combination with strong cheeses.

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